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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Teradata

  • What is TERADATA
  • Basic TERADATA Architecture
  • Comparative Study between Teradata and Other RDBMS
  • Database Components and function
  • Parallel Architecture and processing the table
  • Factor affecting data storage and distribution
  • RDBMS & Normalization { 1st – 3rd Normal form }
  • Data-warehouse Concepts { Surrogate Keys , SCD etc}
  • Administrative tools

Teradata SQL

  • Data Dictionary
  • Primary keys, Foreign keys, Primary and Secondary Indexes in a Teradata system
  • Advance SQL
  • SQL Performance Tuning
  • SQL fundamentals
  • Data types and literals
  • DDL Statements
  • DML Statements
  • Teradata naming conversing

Teradata SQL Functions & Operations

  • String functions
  • Format functions
  • Cast functions
  • Cast functions
  • Group and Aggregation functions
  • Logical operations
  • Arithmetic operations
  • set operations
  • join operations
  • conditional expressions

Teradata Indexes

  • Types of indexes in Teradata
  • Hash index
  • Join index
  • Primary index(unique, non- unique)
  • Secondary index(unique, non- unique)
  • Skewness
  • Keys & indexes (How & why these used)

Teradata Join Strategies & Unions

  • Hash join
  • Merge join
  • Nested join
  • Product join
  • Inner join
  • Left & right outer join
  • Full outer join

Teradata Application Utilities

  • BTEQ (Export/Import),
  • FastExport
  • FastLoad
  • MultiLoad
  • Tpump for batch processing
  • Internal working of above utilities
  • Using utilities – Choose above utilities when and why
  • TPT and their advantage over traditional utilities like FastLoad, MultiLoad etc.

Additional Help Apart from the Course

  • Explaining the BTEQ scripts through real time scenarios.
  • Help based on the requirement for the interview questions.
  • Help with installation of the software on personal basis incase required.
  • VIDEO recording for all classes to help students not to miss any content or the continuity of the course incase student missed the class.
  • Assistance can be provided to help with resume preparation incase required.

we offers the best Teradata online training across the globe.  We are the experts in Teradata training for individuals and corporate companies. We are one of the specialized providers for Teradata online training in Data Warehousing and Analytical applications.

We handle the learners very carefully by covering all the concepts to every individual learner. We provide the job oriented Teradata training with in-depth knowledge and practice approach. Our course curriculum has been designed by very experienced consultants and industry experts. We have designed the course with all the basics and Advanced concepts of the Teradata.

We at Teradataonlinetrainings.com explain Teradata as a Relational Database Management System formed by Teradata Corp.It manages very large data warehousing operations from multiple client applications. Teradata online training describes the major features of Teradata as

  • Data load distribution that is shared among several users
  • Implementation of compound queries by maximum of 256 joins
  • Parallel efficiency
  • Comprehensive scalability

Teradata training includes with the understanding and explanation of the components included in the Teradata database system which support the communication management

  • Call level Interface (CLI)
  • WinCLI and open database connectivity (ODBC)
  • Micro TDP
  • Teradata Director Program (TDP)

Our trainer makes the learner understand the concepts very easily and effectively with our unique techniques that can make master for the domain. We highlight an every learner with high effort to deliver the best quality standards with real time cases. Our online Teradata training combines the components of the Teradata client software including the below mentioned concepts

  • C
  • CLI
  • ODBC
  • TDP
  • Archive
  • Query man
  • Fast Load
  • Multi Load
  • Fast Export
  • Tpump
  • WinDDI
  • Teradata Manager
  • Open Teradata Backup
  • Basic Teradata Query

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