Basic Knowledge on Teradata

Teardata is very popular data warehouse course. As an IT professional you should know some basic terminologies related to Teradata. Now this blog is going to explain you the concepts of node, SMP and MPP.
Node: Node is a processing unit which is under the control of a single OS (operating system). The Node is […]

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Teradata Architecture

The principal strength of Teradata is its parallelism. The architecture of the Teradata is designed in such a way to keep the strength in mind. Teradata is exclusive from any other databases due to its unique architecture only.

The main components of the Teradata architecture are mentioned below-
1.    Parsing Engine (PE),
2.    Access Module Processor (AMP) […]

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Overview of Basic Teradata Query for Smooth Communication

BTEQ is the short form of Basic Teradata Query. It is a general-purpose and command based program which allows users on a workstation to communicate with more than one Teradata Database systems, and to design reports for both print and screen output. Using Teradata query you can submit SQL queries to the Teradata Database. […]

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Teradata– How to secure sensitive information

How to secure sensitive information with Teradata
One thing makes guarding sensitive data which is more difficult and more expensive also. It is a real fact that many companies have this kind of information spread throughout their entire network including internet and intranet on a wide range of systems. Since most encryption explanations will not […]

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Are You Ready to Deal with Big Data

We offer Teradata online training for all our Teradata aspirants. Teradata is a renowned ETL tool built to deliver diverse queries, great performance and classy workload management. Our Teradata training will make you recognize the genuine flavor of using Teradata in your trade.
Teradata has some distinctive features for which it turned into very popular […]

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Learn Teradata Online and Face the Challenges of Data Driven Market

Teradata online training is very useful for those who have interest in analytics and want to build their career in this domain.We provide Teradata online training for our learners in USA, Canada and other countries also.Our Teradata training will guide you how to deal with diverse queries, how Teradata manages workload and gives 100% […]

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